Hugo Award

A group of awards presented annually by the World Science Fiction Society for the best science fiction or fantasy works.

102 items

Title Overview Format & Publisher Call Number
Paladin of Souls Book - 2003 EOS SF BujoLd L
Hominids Book - 2002 Tor SF SAWYER R
American Gods
A Novel
Book - 2001 William Morrow F GAIMAN N
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Book - 2000 Arthur A. Levine Books F ROWLING
A Deepness in the Sky Book - 1999 Tor SF VINGE VE
To Say Nothing of the Dog, Or, How We Found the Bishop's Bird Stump at Last Book - 1998 Bantam Books SF WILLIS C
The Forever Peace Book - 1997 Ace Books SF HALDEMAN
Blue Mars Book - 1996 Bantam Books SF ROBINSON
The Diamond Age Book - 1995 Bantam Books SF STEPHENS
Mirror Dance
A Vorkosigan Adventure
Book - 2008 Baen Publishing Enterprises SF BUJOLD L
Green Mars Book - 1994 Bantam Books SF Robinson
A Fire Upon the Deep Book - 1992 TOR SF VINGE VE
Doomsday Book Book - 1992 Bantam Books SF WILLIS C
Barrayar Book - 2016 Baen Publishing Enterprises SF BUJOLD L
The Vor Game Book - 1990 Baen Books Distributed by Simon & Schuster SF BujoLd L
Hyperion Book - 1989 Doubleday SF SIMMONS
Cyteen Book - 1988 Warner Books SF CHERRYH
The Uplift War Book - 1995 Bantam Books SF BRIN DAV
Speaker for the Dead Book - 1991 T. Doherty Associates SF CARD ORS 1991
Ender's Game Book - 1991 Tor SF CARD ORS
Neuromancer Book - 1984 Ace Books SF GIBSON W
Startide Rising Book - 1993 Bantam Books SF BRIN DAV
Foundation's Edge Book - 1982 Doubleday SF ASIMOV I
Downbelow Station Book - 1981 Daw Books SF CHERRYH
The Snow Queen Book - 1980 Dial Press SF VINGE JO
The Fountains of Paradise eBook - 2012 RosettaBooks EBOOK HOOPLA
Dreamsnake eBook - 2009 Book View Café EBOOK OVERDRIVE
Gateway Book - 1977 St. Martin's Press SF POHL FRE
Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang Book - 1976 Harper & Row SF WILHELM
The Forever War Book - 2017 Titan Comics GN HALDEMAN
The Dispossessed
An Ambiguous Utopia
Book - 1974 Harper & Row SF LEGUIN U
Rendezvous With Rama Book - 1973 Harcourt Brace Jovanovich SF CLARKE A
The Gods Themselves Book - 1972 Doubleday SF ASIMOV I
To your Scattered Bodies Go Book - 1971 Berkley Pub. Corp SF FARMER P
Ringworld Book - 1970 Ballantine Books SF NIVEN LA
The Left Hand of Darkness Book - 1976 Ace Books SF LEGUIN U
Stand on Zanzibar Book - 1979 R. Bentley SF Brunner
Lord of Light Book - 1979 Gregg Press SF ZELAZNY R
The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress Book - 1966 Putnam SF HEINLEIN
...And Call Me Conrad ('also called This Immortal) Book
Dune Book - 1965 Chilton Books SF HERBERT
The Wanderer Book - 1980 1964 Gregg Press SF
Way Station eBook - 2015 Open Road Integrated Media EBOOK OVERDRIVE
The Man in the High Castle Book - 1992 Vintage Books SF DICK PHI
Stranger in A Strange Land Book - 1961 Putnam SF HEINLEIN
A Canticle for Leibowitz Book - 1975 Gregg Press SF MILLER W
Starship Troopers Book - 1959 Putnam SF HEINLEIN
A Case of Conscience Book - 1958 (1975 rinting) Ballantine Books SF BLISH JA
The Big Time Book - 1976 Gregg Press SF LEIBER F
Double Star Book
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