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Book - 2002
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Jan 30, 2021

In 1999, in my mid 20's, I had a similar experience to Alice Sebold's. A stranger broke into my apartment though (not that a location matters in such an experience). I also went to the police and dealt with the courts, resulting in the perpetrator being locked up. Like Alice, despite the many strengths in my favor, I struggled greatly afterward. And then a year later I came across this book. It helped me so much at the time. It is so real, so transparent, regarding the realities of what a woman goes through. In dealing with the judicial system (often the experience is much worse than hers), and in dealing with the emotional aftermath and in trying to re-engage in romantic relationship/s afterward. It is a grueling book to read, and a horrific experience to live, but this book helped me more than I can articulate here. If you are unfortunate enough to have dealt with rape, this extraordinary writer and her soul exposing memoir may help you as well.

Apr 29, 2018

This is a true crime memoir. Late one night, Alice was walking back to her dorm room at Syracuse University in New York state. She took a shortcut through a dark park on the edge of campus and was brutally attacked and raped by a complete stranger. Alice describes the crime in extremely graphic detail and discusses how it impacted the rest of her life. A year later, still in Syracuse, Alice accidentally comes face-to-face with her attacker and calls the police. The book continues to describe the trial where she took the witness stand against her attacker. The events described in this memoir are emotionally gripping, and Alice Sebold is an excellent writer. As an unexpected bonus, Alice herself is a very interesting and unique character in her own story.

Jul 28, 2014

I read this when it first came out and just finished rereading it. Lucky is every bit as good as I remembered it! Once you get past the horrific first 15 pages where she describes her rape the book becomes a monumental description of survival that would touch any reader. I highly recommend it to readers 14+ with the caveat that teen readers are made aware of the graphic nature of the book. As an adult I found myself weeping when she describes moments in her life.

Dec 01, 2013

I read this book in a day, it was that good! Ms. Sebold was raped as a freshman in college. She persevered, even returning to the same college for her sophomore year. I was angry and couldn't believe the privileges her attacker was granted pretrial, and during the Grand Jury. I was also angry that the DA didn't explain some procedures to Alice. But, she did win her case!! She struggled some after the case, including problems with drug abuse, but she came out on top! Way to go, Ms. Alice Sebold!!!

Aug 02, 2012

Heart-wrenching and amazing. This memoir is tragic, but hopeful. It is honest and well written. Such an amazing book.

Dec 04, 2011

(spoiler alert) Not only does this book tell the story of a brutal rape and how one woman dealt with it and the trial that came after, but it also shows how hard it is to deal with such an event in one's life, even if one has all possible resources available to help. This woman had a near-perfect case, was a superb witness, and her rapist was successfully prosecuted. She had a loving family, the support and admiration of the police and her lawyers, and friends. And she still spent time (she doesn't say how long, but it seems like a while) as a heroin addict. This is the sort of event that is truly difficult to live past.

i was a little native in the beginning i had not known this was her telling her life story, i hit the middle when i found out that this was real. I could never really imagened this to happen it was a shock but the stuff this women went through is unbelieveable. now i know this stuff can really happen. i love this book.

This is Alice Sebold's autobiography. The story is sad and hard to read but it's amazing that she went through all that and came out the incredible person that she is. I think it's very brave of her to tell her story so publicly and it raises awareness to girls and women out there about rape.

Oct 05, 2009

A hard read but real story that needs to be told

Jun 25, 2008

This book holds much similarity to her popular title--The Lovely Bones. The story of her past is a tough one but it is a good read. I recommend reading this after reading The Lovely Bones

Nov 08, 2007


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