Milk and Honey

Milk and Honey

eBook - 2015
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RyanR_KCMO Sep 16, 2020

Reading this collection of poems was an experience. Kaur’s style is very informal, very short, but very powerful. Her added illustrations often give the lines an intimate, daydreaming quality as if these words were written while sketching and trying to figure something out. This was an amazing look into some very personal experiences and feelings. There is something here that I believe could benefit most people who read it; men, women, or anyone who has lived their own lonely and beautiful experiences.

May 30, 2020

While Milk and Honey is a beautifully written poem I found it was emotionally drained and left me feeling empty and inspired all at once. What I love so much about Rupi Kaur is that when she writes her poems she never edits them so everything yo read is completely raw and to me that’s the only right way to write poetry because you may go back and read your poems and they may not make sense but when you wrote them they did so don’t erase them. Milk and Honey tells a depressing story of a breakup and how Kaur felt about it but in her last chapter it does discuss how things began to lighten up so the poem isn’t entirely dark. I also really enjoyed this poem because the author made it feel very personal for the reader as she doesn’t leave any details out about how she felt. Just be warned it is a little heavy emotionally speaking. 3 stars
@Celine of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

Mar 25, 2020

Milk and Honey is written by Rupi Kaur, a powerful and raw author. I enjoyed flipping through this and connecting to the poems and illustrations. I like that she shares her poetry online, that a huge part of why they're successful is because of how sharable they are. I like that they were about abuse and healing, but also about love and self love. I see this book greatly and I see Rupi Kaur as a great inspiration too. A similar title to this one is Pillow thoughts. It is poetry about loss, life, self love, and self-help. I recommend Milk and Honey because it lets readers who are knew to poetry get a good first impression and learn thoughts and meaning about life.

Aug 17, 2019

I get all the comments for those who didn't like this but at the same time I just don't I love this book it's an empowering moment of how she felt and how expressed her feeling of mourning , emptiness, and sorrow of telling people her broken sides of how she felt how it tore her to a making of aura of something work expressing. She was reminiscing and she her dark past but writing this book was her way of showing her power throughout this poem. Now it might not be the best writing in your eyes but if your and artist and a poet of learning how to conquer and heal she was doing that is soo strong of a book it might be depressing to you but she has been through rape by family she is supposed to trust and the abuse of the heart mind and soul clouding her body all at once in all honesty I recommend this book she earned my five stars she is so strong and I can't wait to read the sun and her flowers of her blooming to something peaceful

Aug 13, 2019

I will now share several of these poems on Facebook

Aug 09, 2019

This is a poetry book full of angst. I like the sentence structure and size of the poems and I like the scribble art work, but the poem content seen to be purely about a breakup and, although teens and twenty-somethings may relate, I found it a bit droll. The author talks about loving yourself and I'm just not sure she does.

Jun 29, 2019

Rupi Kaur's "Milk and Honey" incorporates many messages that need to be said, especially in this era. She often references to themes of feminism, abuse, and empowering oneself which is one of my favorite parts of the book.

That being said, the writing isn't as up to par in my opinion. Many of the poems are very brief (2-3 lines) and feel like captions on social media posts. Being a published book, I expected the prose to evoke emotions, which I felt was lacking. It almost sounded like a conversation I have with my friends. Many of the lines have not left an impact, if anything, poetry should ask for deeper thinking and it feels like I'm scrolling through someone's instagram.

Furthermore, half the book discusses Kaur's breakups; while I don't criticize the idea of venting out frustration through such an event, I think that many of the poems aren't focused on those emotions, rather, spiting other women. At times, some of the poems can sound slightly misogynistic and demean women, which didn't really sit well with me.

However, I can understand why someone would like this book: many enjoy how simple and easy it is to understand, as compared to much of the cryptic poetry out there, and others catch a glimpse of feminism and love the themes. There are some good/decent poems in this book and could be a good fit for poetry beginners or people dipping their feet in the idea of feminism.

Some other common concerns that other readers have had include the images and the topics itself. Personally, the images didn't bother me too much. They actually contributed in conveying the message of the poems, especially the more brief poems. The topics themselves also didn't bother me since I knew what this book was about before I read it.

Jun 22, 2019

See: "RebelBelle13" in this thread of comments for the most accurate (and hilarious) review of this book.
I couldn't possibly have said it better.

Apr 26, 2019

There are many truths in this book that are an empowerment of the Self. "Love Yourself" first, in order to be free to love Life & Others.
Rupi Kaur has a talent with words that brings concepts to the forefront in a few words and lines. She manages to hone into the heart of oneself.
These poems seem to be written for younger women, who could take from these strong words and find the strength to come through their own experiences and be strong. The strength to lean & rely on oneself, to believe in oneself for who we are, is a powerful & strong message that all young women need to hear and believe.

Apr 01, 2019

A must read filled with deep emotional insight.

Mar 26, 2019

I loved this book so much that I got my own copy :)

Feb 12, 2019

Got me though a really shitty break up. I plan on decorating my house with her art and poetry.

Feb 11, 2019

Very well constructed

Feb 01, 2019

About poems. Didn’t like.

Sep 06, 2018

4 Stars - I recommend if you enjoy poetry, and are looking for something that will make you feel. This will make you feel ALL THE FEELINGS.

A collection of poetry and sketches divided by topic: love, breaking, healing, etc.

This was really hard for me to read. I think I was reading it while I was reading something else that was bumming me out. I put it down for several months and finally came back to it. These poems will definitely make you a little squirmy. Kaur doesn't hold back, and it's a bit of a shock sometimes. I found some of the poems to be lovely and relateable. I found some of them to be incredibly sad. Others were very brutal, and eye-opening. The whole collection will definitely make you think. Despite some extremely unsettling poems, and likely experiences, I appreciate that Kaur seemed to end the collection with a reminder to be kind, that we are stronger together as a community, etc. It was lovely, and needed more than ever. I also think she is incredibly brave for sharing these poems, it's a very raw way to share your life and feelings with the world. I've seen criticism that her poetry is quite a lot like Tumblr posts, I see where people are coming from, it is definitely a similar style of writing.. and some of the poems are just two lines long, but I don't feel that it's my job to define poetry. As an ex-art history major I can say that art can be anything, so why can't poetry?

Sep 06, 2018

Very simple and concise poetry which nevertheless conveys a huge amount of deeply personal experience and emotion.
*Not PG and not for the faint of heart.

DBRL_JessicaS Sep 01, 2018

I have never been one to really invest myself into poetry, but I did enjoy this collection. My interests are usually longer fiction and nonfiction pieces. After reading this work, I actually picked up another collection by Shenaia Lucas, for the broken, because I enjoyed Milk and Honey so much.

Aug 28, 2018

In the foreword the author, writing in her early twenties, describes how she already feels distant from the girl who wrote this book, and yes, the writing feels incredibly young and raw, full of so much more passion than craft. It has its moments, though, and I'm interested in the collection that followed.

Aug 16, 2018

I just could not connect with this book of poems. The author sections this book into four. Each section encompassing a theme of poems. The first section I think was the most important in that it deals with sexual abuse and assault. This book may help women who are also going through the same issues. I could not personally connect but I see how it would be helpful to women who can. In regards to the rest of the book. IT WAS THE MOST WHINEY BOOK I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED. It reads like a heartbroken 13 year old's facebook wall. Angsty 3 line poems about how your boyfriend hurt you and he is the most important thing etc. The entire time I was reading this book I just wanted to tell the author to grow a pair of lady balls and get over it. I understand how writing and poetry can help people cope, but this was just terrible, immature and annoying. I agree with the comment below. This is what stands for poetry these days? A waste of time to read if you aren't 13 years old or looking for somthing in regards to abuse.

Jul 13, 2018

I loved this! I liked the wording and the structure and I resonated with so many of the poems.

Jul 11, 2018

I think this would be a good book for readers who are reluctant to try poetry. The book is short and split into parts, which helps it to seem like a quicker read. I enjoyed reading this much more than I thought I would! Each part represents a part of the author's life and tells the story of all the pain and feelings she went through. The reader is able to infer and understand what happened to her just from the deep description of her verses. Kaur was very raw and honest in her work, I like this a lot more than what people might think of as "fluffy" or "traditional" poetry!

Jul 08, 2018

I don't read poetry often but I found this to be a nice read. Very raw, very accessible to anyone who's been in any romantic/emotional pain. Not the best but definitely worth an hour of your life to read.

Apr 17, 2018

I enjoyed the storytelling more than the poems. I appreciate the message trying to be sent here, but it's not really anything new. I started to feel the emotion only in The Healing, and only briefly. Still, I have said before that I am not made for poetry, so I don't feel I can judge too harshly based on my limited experience with the genre.

Apr 07, 2018

Easy to see why this is so popular. Perfect for transmission by social media and "smart" phones.

Mar 24, 2018

Painfully true and relatable

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