Kung Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness

Kung Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness

The Midnight Stranger

DVD - 2014
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When it comes to martial arts mastery, Po is definitely no lightweight. But protecting the Valley of Peace is a team effort, so together with the Furious Five: Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Crane, and Viper, the power-packed panda is dedicated to fighting the fiercest and funniest criminals in all of China, even if he has to dress up as The Midnight Stranger!
Publisher: [Place of publication not identified] :, [Publisher not identified],, [2014]
Call Number: DVD jF KUNG
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digital,optical,surround,Dolby Digital 5.1,Dolby surround 2.0,rda
1 videodisc (154 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in


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X_andor_Who Apr 28, 2014

[Opening song’s OST lyrics]: *Gong chimes*… [Jack Black as Po, singing]: “Hear the legends of the Kung Fu Panda” *Po scats some drum beats* …”Raised in a noodle shop… Never seeking glory or fame” …”He climbed the mountaintop… and earned the Dragon Warrior name.” …“Ooh, Ah, Ya!” …”Kung Fu Panda!” *Po scats some drum beats, again* …”Master Shifu saw the warrior blossom… And master the skills of bodacious and awesome.” …”Kung Fu Panda!” …*Po scats for yet a third time* …”He lives and he trains and he fights… With the Furious Five” …”Protect the Valley, Somethin’, somethin’… Somethin’, somethin’ alive!” …”Ooh! Ah! Ooh!” …”Kung Fu Panda!” …”Legends of Awesomeness!” …”Sweet!”

X_andor_Who Apr 28, 2014

Quotes: If I really wanted… I would write the whole script from this series down in this quote area. There were so many awesome lines and actions performed… it simply was too unbelievable… and yet, it all happened! -X; Who

X_andor_Who Apr 28, 2014

Ep1: [Po’s Dad, the bird dude, mutters to himself at first]: “Kung fu, kung fu, kung fu!“ “Is everything about Kungfu?!” [Poe and monkey-man, simultaneously say]: “Yes.” [Po’s Dad, the bird dude]: “It’s like talking to radishes.” *This was all said after Po’s dad concluded on his noodle story and as to how Po was like, where’s the kungfu in that story, dad?!*

X_andor_Who Apr 28, 2014

Ep1: [Po’s Dad, the bird dude]: “…push the bean buns, they’re about to go bad.” *This being, fiscally, financially said after dad had left Panda Po in charge of his noodle’s shop*

X_andor_Who Apr 28, 2014

Ep1: [One of the Three, Dirty, Rudimentary, Ruffian Pigs]: “You will teach us, (those secret kung fu moves), or else! Panda Po: “or else!?” *Panda Po pummels those three pernicious pigs without practically having to lose an ounce of his somatic sweat*

X_andor_Who Apr 28, 2014

2 parter quote. Ep1: [Sensei Shifu]: We’re in the middle of training. Duck Man: “Sorry.” Shifu: “Now, the Chao Wa Punch Kick…” Duck Man: “I’ll just use bok choy.” [Po growns] Shifu: “Pardon?” Duck Man: “Instead of beet root, I’ll use bok choy.” [Shifu, him trying to finish his marital arts lessons to his sleepy students, concludes]: “Yes. Fine. Bok choy.” “You do that. Where was I?” [Duck Man reminds Sensei Shifu of where he was in his martial arts lessons]: “The Chao Wa Punch Kick thingy.” [Sensei Shifu]: Right. The Chao Wa Punch Kick thingy… thing… move… [Tigress sounds-off a sonorous snore as she somatically drifts onto Po’s somatic furry chest like a vest]: (SNORES).

X_andor_Who Apr 28, 2014

2-parter quote. [Sensei Shifu finishes his sentence thought]: “…must be delivered to your opponent precisely at the intersection of the medial metatarsal and abdomen. Like so…” [Sensei Shifu conducts a maelstrom of melee moves on the undulating, targeted dummy doll]. [Duck Man taps the dented dummies side and proceeds to deliver line]: “Hm. Seems like a lot of work. Why don’t you just hit him with a stick?” [Po pissed at his Dad, yells]: “-Dad!” [Duck Man]: “Sorry. Don’t mind me.”

X_andor_Who Apr 28, 2014

Ep2: [Panda Po]: “We were forbidden to use our kung fu unless we had a permit. Which was really hard to get.”

X_andor_Who Apr 28, 2014

Ep2: [Po]: …if you need anything… *Po does several actions for Shifu while Shifu continuously rings his bell* Later on therein walks Superintendent Woo along with Elephant Man, named Constable Hu; and Hu comes to Shifu’s bed to say that Woo wishes to speak with Shifu about what Woo wants to happen about some event… and so Hu says]: “No, he wants to meet you too.” [Po]: “Who?” [Hu]: “-Woo.” [Shifu]: “Who?” [Hu]: “Yes.” [Shifu]: “-What?” [Hu]: “-No, not “Hu” who. “Who” who! [Shifu]: “What?” [Po]: “-No, not “Hu” who. “Who” who! [Hu]: “-No, Woo who.” [Shifu]: “-What’s he talking about?” [Po]: “-He wants to know what you’re… *The injured, bad back, Shifu rings his bell ring yet again* … OK!... enough with the bell! Stop with the bell!” *Classic divine comedy. I personally picked up on this licensed enlightenment from within my own mental state from several some years back when I was in such a heightened state. –X; Who*

X_andor_Who Apr 28, 2014

Ep2: [One of the Three, Rudimentary and Ruffian, Pigs]: “Am I just dumb, or do you guys have no idea what’s going on either.” [Woo]: “Both!”

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Jun 03, 2015

white_cattle_64 thinks this title is suitable for between the ages of 4 and 6

X_andor_Who Apr 28, 2014

X_andor_Who thinks this title is suitable for All Ages


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X_andor_Who Apr 28, 2014

Kungfu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. (A Dreamworks, Kung fu Cartoon; Episodes 01-07): Tinkering, Thinking Thoughts: (1) Initial Summary: (a) Coming from this serious, series, there were tender tales of inner peace being proclaimed and named in and amongst these several episodes. (b) Father and Son have bonding moments from several episodes. (c) More awesome stories happen as story progresses. (2) Opening OST: (a) Opening song was sung thru… and by an easy estimate… we could easily guesstimate as to by whom: from delving deep down, Jack Black as Panda Po delivers a most vivacious, vigorous, and vibrant, vocal attack; and he as Panda Poe, singing scales of do, re, me, fa, so… and he, thru his vocal chords, performing comically as cosmic clown, saying sapient quips… sings and channels his wisdom and wild wielding of song thru his voice of like kung fu lips; and by him, belting and bellowing wild winded-words that we oh, so, now have, gracefully, heard… and by his hero-honed and hilarious howl, coming from his jaw-dropping, jack-slacked, jabbering jowl, we as watchers watching, become as cosmically enthralled… because, bear of black and bear of opaquely white, has shown us the cosmic carnage of wicked wrong when faced among cosmic kung fu’s, inner soul of sentient and sapient might! (3) Ending EST: (a) Contains, static and posing, picture of Po, all while Asian music wafts, waltz, and flutters, itself, in, around, and all about; and as lightly as it can be, sounds of oriental music tip-toe passing themselves passed porous, empty spaces found between pixels of ending song's theme. (b) Shamisen or shamisen like sounds, seem to seep from the closing EST. (4) Animation: (a) Show was by comparison on par per movies’ animation. (b) Once again, as like in the movies, there were several varying artistic animations and art styles. (5) StoryMusic: (a) Asian kungfu music… made especially for the occasion. (6) VoiceActing: (a) Awesome and superfluously, superb! (7) Written Script: (a) There were wonderfully written words in the script; and them, these words, having had harmonized themselves amongst the wholesome and awesome ambient backgrounds, they, these words, were as well welcomed, tasty and tantalizing treats. (b) Excellent command of rhyme schemes, alliteration, and of other literary techniques. (c) Truly, a nice touch with every respect to story’s, enlightening and wise, written words. (d) The writer’s really were at their acme! *** Extra Thoughts: (1) The Fab Five: Five fabulous, fierce, fighters, fighting for friendship and above all, the peace to go with that friendship. (2) Shifu, the marsupial looking character and sensei to the Fab Five, seemed to have different actor’s voice in this series. I might have heard that the original voice actor, who had played Shifu in the movies, had died. I could be wrong. (3) In episode 1: when Po’s dad, Mr. Ping, came to temple to stay with the other warriors at temple, this scene reminded me of times when in my life where and when I would lose my meditative inner peace; being around undisciplined minds, and them not having same discipline, can create for some tumultuous tensions. (4) When approached and apprehended by Panda Po, those pigs became as buffoons. (5) In episodes where kung fu moves were forbidden, I relate to this as I’ve had my own arcane arts stolen, forgotten, and/or hidden. (6) Enlightened words and speeches were awesomely delectable. (7) Gator Gang was great! (8) I liked Midnight Stranger, the Batman equivalent, from episode four. (9) Show was as Aesop and Asian animal fable. Nice benign, benevolent, blissful stories. This is the best series I’ve seen since ever! It is beyond bodacious! Any wise fool would be able to see wisdom in anything, but surely, this series had extra wisdom in ample abundance. Or maybe it’s just me and my perspective!? Rating: [Award Winningly Awesome]/5.0; Xandor Who ***


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X_andor_Who Apr 28, 2014

(1)Character Summary: Relatable or not relatable? And how are they relatable? Yes, definitely relatable! Because inner peace of one’s character is especially something that should matter!
Character xxxxx: traits; clothing; facial features; demeanor; ect.
Po: aka: “the Dragon Warrior”; panda; fierce and friendly fighter; loveable leader; fights with fleeting fist, feet, and belly body fat; wears soft, woolen sandals; father is a goose; masquerades as the Midnight Stranger for an episode where kungfu was banned…
Mr. Ping: Po’s Dad; goose; owns noodle shop; mercantile; merchant; fiscal finances are his fiercest qualities; wears homespun hat made out from noodles; has loved the Midnight Stranger since he was young…
Sensei Shifu: teacher, master, sensei of the Fab Five; marsupial and marmoset-like; master of inner peace; wears a red gi garbed frock; in episode two, he, Shifu, is as funny as Hades probably isn’t, and this because he gets super high from Po’s concocted, mega potion…
Tigress: hits hard and has a hard bod as well…
Monkey: lithe, light, and witty when walking on his hands and his feet and talking with his trickster, roguish tongue…
Mantis: a miniature mantis, yet he is as mighty, martial artist…
Crane: lanky bird; wears hat; doesn’t get an episode of his own to develop his character like the others get…
Baddies: Pink Pigs and Green Gators! Gator Gang’s leader had a voice and demeanor that kind of reminded me of that fluffy princess from Adventure Time!
(2)Tags Summary: awesome, awesomeness, kungfu, martial arts, friends, friendship, fighting, fighters, ferocious fighters, training, training hall, learning lessons, lessons, life lessons, moral lessons, enlightenment, enlightened, following in the footsteps of the father, masterful monks, monks, terra cotta warriors, animals as core characters of story, believe in yourself, loser talk, winning speeches, legalities, venerating heroes, hero worship, hero idolization, paper work, bureaucracy, a dark defender of justice, witty words, wise words.
(3)Similar Titles: the Kungfu Panda movies. -X; Who


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X_andor_Who Apr 28, 2014

Other: Some wise, willing and writing, warriors willed this show to stand on its own two, front feet! So way to go, writers of what we do not know! And thanks for sharing and caring enough... to allow us chance to tenaciously grow! -X; Who

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