Nasty Women

Nasty Women

Feminism, Resistance, and Revolution in Trump's America

Book - 2017
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"In the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, there was shock, outrage, and, for some, satisfaction. When 53 percent of white women voted for Donald Trump and 94 percent of black women voted for Hillary Clinton, how can women unite as a political class in Trump's America? The misogyny, racism, and xenophobia that were features of the campaign have long been a part of American life, but many people are just now waking up to them. Can the 'nasty' among us find ways to better support and fight for one another? Here are inspiring essays from a diverse group of talented feminist writers on how we got there and what we need to do to move forward." -- Back cover.
Publisher: New York, NY : Picador, 2017
Edition: First edition
ISBN: 9781250155504
Call Number: 305.4209 N189
Characteristics: vi, 248 pages ; 21 cm


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Sep 17, 2019

A 3.5-star rating.

This series of Essays are quite diverse in their offerings and tone while holding true to the righteous anger and incredulous bewilderment of the 47% of Women who did not vote for Trump. Notable contributors are; Collier Meyerson's 'Pulling The Wool Over Their Eyes: The Blindness of White Feminists'; Sady Doyle's 'The Pathology of Donald Trump'; Mary Kathryn Nagle's 'Nasty Native Women'; Nicole Chung's 'All-American'; Alicia Garza's 'How to Build a Movement'; Zerlina Maxwell's 'Trust Black Women.' Unfortunately, I found some of the repetitiveness without offering solutions and or building the momentum of resistance and revolution from some Writers detracted from the overall potential of this book. Nonetheless, a constructive, galvanizing and inaugural read to support those currently living in the shock and fear of a government without skill and or conscience, while also acting as a possible restorative & eye-opening tonic for the 53% of Women who created this travesty.

CMLibrary_akeller Jan 03, 2018

This collection of essays is so diverse and, as a result, there are many different perspectives on the presidential election and the aftermath. Some essays spoke to me more than others, but the whole book was enlightening and worth reading.

Nov 25, 2017

Crazed Lesbians rip Trump, his legion of bigots, and everyone else they can think of. Most are "queers of color," Hillary's core supporters, eg p 8.
--- Trump was delusional to think he could win. Do we want a delusional president? Trump is like a snake ready to strike, p 44. He is like a wife-beater, with America the battered spouse, p 124. Trump is a fascist and a traitor, p 87. Though tied to Jewish allies and Zionists all his life, Trump is antiSemitic. His followers threaten to cast Jews into ovens, p 82. Straight White males are like the SS rounding up victims.
--- In the second debate, "Trump ... appeared to copulate with his podium," p 123. He lurched behind Hillary like a ghoul as if "he was going to attack her, rip off her head, and eat her brains," p 124. Trump urged his followers to shoot Hillary, p 124.
--- Hillary never did anything wrong, and it wouldn't matter if she did. Men do things and still get elected. Hillary's crooked past was no reason to vote against her, even if she had killed Vince Foster, p 13. Hillary lost because America hates women, p 33. White women betrayed her, voting 53% Trump to 43% Hillary, eg p 129. [They remembered how Hillary smeared Bill's victims as "bimbos" and "trailer trash".] Women must always vote for women, but when men vote for men it's sexism, misogyny, deplorables, you name it!
--- Bernie and his fans were sexist for opposing Hillary. She had the right to steal the nomination, it belonged to her. Male voters for Jill Stein were sexist too: they only wanted to hurt Hillary.
--- Trans-womanhood means commitment to female values; it does not require surgery. Having male sex-organs must not bar trans-women from the Feminist movement. Indeed they should lead it (especially if queers of color or immigrants), because they have always been nasty: renouncing maleness is the ultimate rebellion. pp 197-205.
--- Worldwide 56,000,000 women abort every year, p 63. [Move over, Hitler!] They have the right to kill their babies any time they choose, and the state must pay for it. Christian abstinence is backward: girls should get pregnant and abort. [Around 25 million American girls have been killed in the womb since Roe v Wade.]
--- We must stand up for the most vulnerable: Blacks, queers, transgenders, p 43. We must abort Black babies to fight racism, p 69.
--- The brave Ferguson rioters and Black Lives Matter "were led in large part by young black queer women," p 192. The rioters were forced to commit arson by the National Guard.
--- America strips Blacks of their humanity, p 227. Vigilantes are terrorizing Black communities, p 228. The police can "beat black people to death and never be held accountable," p 15. "[B]lack people are routinely killed by the police without any accountability"; every Black citizen "could just as easily be one of them," p 220.
--- Trump was elected by Obama-hating Whites who openly bring semi-automatic weapons to malls, p 83. [How did Obama win?]
--- Hillary was a racist too for jailing violent Black hoodlums in the 90's, but she apologized and they forgave her, pp 119-120.
--- Children must be taught to hate and fear Trump, to see that his win was like a terrorist bombing, and to shout protest slogans, pp 85-87. Trump threatens all the "queer babies," p 43.
--- The best way to undermine Trump is blame Russia for revealing Hillary's wrongdoing, p 134.
--- Violent protests are needed NOW. Urinate on the sidewalk! Throw bricks! Drive 86 in a 70 zone! Seize buildings! Commit felonies! Shock and frighten society! Paralyze the nation! Force Trump out! pp 203-205, 211, 214-215.
--- F__k Donald Trump! F__k straight White males! F__k unborn babies! F__k America! F__k everything! F__k! F__k! F__k! F__k! F__k!

JCLJessG Sep 27, 2017

"Nasty Woman" became a feminist rallying cry brought about after (and during) the Third Presidential Debate of 2016. It's bold, angry, and kind of fun. But on Election Night, many women watched in horror and heartbreak as DJT was elected President and they feared what this new administration meant for them. NASTY WOMEN is a chorus of diverse voices and experiences: Immigrant, native, women with disabilities, queer and trans women, all with various ethnicities and religious adherence. No issue is unrelated in feminism, and the reflections of each writer address the multitude of causes worthy of our time. By the last page, one thing is clear: We need a multifaceted, intersectional, INCLUSIVE feminist movement, and all hands are on deck to resist further damage to our democracy.

Aug 24, 2017

[Deconstructing Fakery: Note the description - - and I have heard this repeatedly on CNN, et cetera, states: // When 53 percent of white women voted for Donald Trump and 94 percent of black women voted for Hillary Clinton, . . . \\
Except, 53 percent did not vote, so how would that be possible? It wasn't - - since the majority percentage of NON-Black women did indeed vote Trump, that is, the majority percentage of women voters - - and the majority of Black women voters did indeed vote for HRC, but note 94 percent. Note the major discrepancy - - and I voted Green Party, so I claim neutrality.
Just like endless so-called reporters reported falsely on the murder of Frank Olson, ONLY ONE Real News reporter, Bob Coen, actually did the due diligence and actually honestly reported the FACTS. Yes, we have long lived in the Fake News Era!]
I haven't read this book yet, but look forward to it. There is a clarification I would make on the demographics in the description, as I became interested in examining presidential after-election demographics after the nasty and vitriolic shyster founder of Firedog Lake blog site challenged me on her false belief that the vote for Ralph Nader cost Gore the state of Florida in 2000 [in actuality, the fact that more democrats went for Bush then Nader cost Gore that state - - plus the Hanging Chad Affair, Mrs. Olson's secret meetings with the factory where they were made - - and so many voters being kicked off the rolls using ChoicePoint data lists - - when Richard Armitage and that Vietnamese-American author of the PATRIOT Act sat upon its board].
The first largest group which helped Trump into the White house was {1} non-Black women, meaning white, Hispanic, Asian, Near Eastern, Arabic and Jewish women; {2} including women and men in this group, employers of undocumented workers [don't ask me why]; {3} Evangelicals; and {4} high-middle-class and high class [economically speaking] males, White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, et cetera.


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Sep 17, 2019

" "Meritocracy," as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is "a system in which the talented are chosen and moved ahead on the basis of their achievement." ... "It's more important than ever to expose meritocracy as a political fiction disguised as an aspirational truth that distracts from the real casualties of a broken economic and political system. This reality looms especially large in the aftermath of the loss of Hillary Clinton, a former secretary of state and senator, and undeniably the most qualified presidential candidate in history. She lost to a man who is the first commander in chief with no political, military, or foreign policy experience."
Jamia Wilson - Author, Staff Writer for Rookie Magazine - pgs 168-169


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