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The Intelligent Investor
The Intelligent Investor A Book of Practical Counsel By Graham, Benjamin Book - 2003

Intelligent Investor is considered the bible of investing specifically Value Investing written by Benjamin Graham the influential investor who made Value Investing. This book describes the idea that businesses are sometimes are priced lower than their intrinsic value, this method of investing has given investors some of the biggest profits with minimal losses. This book and its methods have been used by billionaires like Bill Ackman, Michael Burry, Warren Buffett, Joel Greenblatt. I would rate this book 5/5 since it is arguably the greatest book on investing, the only problem being it may be too complex for the average person and some knowledge of the financial world is required. People interested in learning how to passively make money with proper investing practices may find interest in this book since it has simple principles and is synonymous with common sense investing. This may be contradictory to what I said before but truthfully it is the practices that are simple, what makes this book complicated are the words used since they have to apply to the world of finance, so to the enterprising investor hearing “liquidity ratio” may be confusing when to someone who knows finance jargon they will understand it as “how fast we can pay back debts”. @selfhelpguru of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

Many practical uses can come from books, rather than simply enjoying a well-told story. Investing is an interest of many, but can be very unpredictable in the real world. Benjamin Graham makes investing a much more inspiring, since his book contains countless strategies and advice on the works of the markets. Although the language is somewhat outdated (because it was published in 1949), the revised editions are recommended for a more thorough read. The Intelligent Investor is critically acclaimed by scholars, with the teaching of the functions of securities, market fluctuations, and dividends. What sets this particular book apart from the dozens of self-help investment guides is the effectiveness of the prose and flow of ideas -- Graham uses the allegory of Mr. Market, a useful tool in showing the attitude of investors. Whether the market has a pattern or the economy has changed, The Intelligent Investor will demonstrate the professional choices in obtaining the most from investments. Rating: 4.5 of 5 @Mercurial_Series of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

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