"The best and most terrifying film about Australia in existence."-Nick Cave
A lost outback classic of the early 70s that was rediscovered and re-released several years ago. It was one of the first films in the Oz boom of that decade, which also included "Picnic at Hanging Rock," "Walkabout," "Mad Max," and "The Last Wave."
The story is simple enough: a teacher arrives in a small town on his way to Sydney and gets waylaid there, leading to a dark night (or few) of the soul that involves gambling, drinking, women, and shooting kangaroos at night. A kind of horror film about one man losing control, it makes good use of the stark beauty of Australia and has a fine cast, including Gary Bond, who resembles a young Peter O'Toole, Donald Pleasance, as an alcoholic doctor, and Jack Thompson in his first role. For those whose cinematic image of Australia is "Crocodile Dundee," this is a much darker, stranger, and violent vision. Also on Netflix.

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