Preserving by the Pint
Preserving by the Pint Quick Seasonal Canning for Small Spaces By McClellan, Marisa Book - 2014?

Marisa McClellan, who initiated many people into food preserving with her blog Food in Jars, aims this book at those of us who don't have space in our kitchens or menus for dozens and dozens of jars. Each batch calls for a couple of pounds of produce and yields a couple of jars, allowing cooks to create a variety of flavors instead of struggling with a tidal wave of apple butter or dill pickles.

I made three of these recipes:

Blueberry-maple jam, 4.5/5: Very tasty with wild blueberries. I replaced the bottled lemon juice with 1/2 tsp. citric acid and would recommend doing it that way.
Salted brown sugar-peach jam, 2.5/5: I don't really miss the salted-sweet trend. It did set up well, again with citric acid instead of lemon juice.
Mint-lime syrup, 5/5: So simple and refreshing in tea, seltzer, or soda. Liquid gold.

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