Aveyard keeps you interested, keeps you entertained... but its all well, kinda predictable.

Royals and nobels with superpowers... two princes that love one woman.

The emotions, the feels, and the lack of strategic planning.

The idea is golden but as I said it was just a bit predictable. I also don't care for mind control. It is just overpowered and as the reader I get mad quickly because the heroine does all she can with everything that she's learned and then no one can do anything at all because their mind has a hold on it.... whats the point?

But, Aveyard has a solid story. A bit predictable but I'm hoping that the predictions were only for the first book and the rest of the series doesn't have that sort of outcome.

I am attached to Mare and Cal though, and will be moving forward to see where the Scarlet Guard takes them.

lgmosher's rating:
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