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The Haunting Of Sunshine Girl follows the teen protagonist and her supernatural encounters. The main character experiences a combination of: typical teenage life, otherworldly presences, and newly acquired (supernatural) abilities. Throughout these experiences the protagonist attempts to rise above it all and settle into her new home. The otherness of the protagonists universe (distantly) resembles Harry Potter’s in its oddities and quirks. The Haunting Of Sunshine Girl is at times creepy, and I wouldn't recommend it to the easily spooked. However for those brave enough, know that this novel is deliciously terrifying at all the right moments, and that I highly recommend it. This novel is also more than what meets the eye, if one is diligent, and patient enough to read between the lines. I noticed themes of courage, trust, and companionship. This novel is an exhilarating read, and one that I have been happy to repeat many times. Rating: 4/5 stars
@Dream.Sequences of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

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