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What a horrible book, horrible writing(in every way), horrible characters and horrible story line.

First of all, the writing is so tedious and boring. I tried to read it all but it became a chore, not a fun way to use up my time. The writing content was odd, and I absolutely despised the random Arabic words here and there. The author should have made up her mind. Write it in ENGLISH OR IN ARABIC!

Secondly, the characters drove me crazy. Shahrzad, is weak in every way. She has ZERO backbone! I mean, if you want to kill someone, then don't fall in love with them after what 3 days, for at the most, and for no good reasons, oh no, even they didn't have 1 conversation. And it's not like she is lonely, why back at home, she had a frigging BOYFRIEND! Please, she has no excuse for that. Not only that, she really needs character development. As for Khalid, he is boring. I understand that there could be some really bad reason, for example someone is forcing you to kill all those girls but a curse was not only unrealistic and stupid, the curse itself was boring. Khalid too should have some character development. The other characters are stupid and pointless only there to make sure that there are other people in the world.

Last is the story line. The story picks up right away which is really unexpected because we, as readers, would need to have some connection with her dead best friend. Then we must gradually begin to get over her. Also this story is just boring because there is no meat and in the end when the big reveal happened, I was about to fall out of my chair of boredom and plain annoyance at the author's lack of imagination.

Thank god I finished this chore(it stopped being a book or a story a long time ago).

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