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I like the story of A Thousand and One Nights, so I was excited to read this YA adaptation. I was underwhelmed. This book did not do nearly enough to develop the story or the characters before jumping into the romance. The whole time I was thinking, they have spent hardly any time together, know almost nothing about each other, and yet they are deeply in love. After so many extraordinary girls before her, it is unclear why Shahrzad is the one who gets to live. She tells stories? So what. I personally did not find the stories she told to be that riveting and I was perplexed by the rapid passage of time. She tells one short story and then it's dawn. Hooray she lives to tell another tale! The king trusts Shahrzad implicitly, but again, why? I just didn't buy it.

I did enjoy the imagery and I listened to the book in it's entirety, so I didn't hate it. I would have loved to see the magic aspect fleshed out better. I saw great potential with that particular storyline, even if it didn't get a lot of page presence. I am on the fence about starting the next book The Rose & the Dagger.

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