This book views a huge societal issue that we still go through today, police brutality. When I first started reading this novel, I had immediately gotten attached to it. The story first began with a sixteen year old boy who gets wrongly accused of stealing a bag of chips and gets beaten by a police officer. A teenage boy witnesses it but does not act since that police officer happened to be the brother of his best friend. The book was a large emotional rollercoaster and I certainly would read it many times again. I recommend this book for high school students since there are some curses. I rate this novel a 9/10!
@YoumnaLovesBooks of The Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

This book really pictured the real look of racism in this time of age. I absolutely loved the plot of the story, every page was a heart wrenching and worrying which I loved. The book started off with a simple accident with a lady tripping over a boy named Rashad at a store, making him drop a bag of chips. When he dropped the bag of chips the lady assumed he was stealing, but it didn’t matter what Rashad said next that it was an accident, that he wasn’t stealing. But a cop was sent to the scene and assumed because of his race he was stealing. This is definitely a book for people who can handle gloomy stories, and who like lessons being learned over the book. I recommend this book for a school read. Rating: 5/5
@momo of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

When I first picked up this book, I judged it by the title and cover. (In my defense, I don't know anyone that doesn't). After reading it, I think I got the true meaning behind it. The author wants "all american boys"... to see the truth of America and its racism problem for what it is, and to stand for justice. This made me tear up in so many places, and it was so hard to read knowing that it is happening in so many schools/states in the US, maybe even here in Canada. I hope more people can read this and feel the way I did - a sense of inspiration to rise and speak up against the barriers in our systems today.
@Siri of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

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