Caution - PLOT SPOILERS. With Malice is about a girl who supposedly murdered her best friend, but the girl has no memory of the events whatsoever.
I thought it was a poorly written book. The characters are so flat; the only thing that really changes is the girl's perspective on media which is obviously because she is target of all this.
There is a lot of build up of drama, but the climax, when she has a dream about what she thought may have happened, or she thinks her memory returned, is rank. Or maybe the climax is when shes at court and after a long time shes declared innocent.
Both are very disappointing
It is a very unique and original plot, but very difficult to write out well.
A lot of the drama is on social media, which is pretty accurate in today's society and her comment of how she thinks the media is always twisting everything to get a good story is interesting.

Maybe it's because I'm more into action-thrillers than drama, but I thought a lot of this book was a lot of nonsense.

Overall i give it a 4/10

-Reviewed from Fleetwood Teen E.Z.

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