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A brilliant film following a boy of divorce and his family over a decade of his life. All the actors are constant throughout the film. Meaning the director really did film them over the course of a decade. This really brought the movie to life for me, and I felt excited to see the changes in our protagonist over the years, a realistic view of this child and his family (adults and older siblings also go through changes). This authenticity adds to the overall tone of the film. There is no 'climax' or 'big plot moment' here. That being said, the film's narrative replicates that of true life. It ebbs and flows from birthdays to graduations to divorces to moving to different houses and schools. We may remember these milestones in our own life, and even then, they are usually flashes (or scenes of our own movie)

This film is great for someone who is willing to be open minded, and who truly wants to experience an authentic 'coming of age' film.

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