#NotYourPrincess Voices of Native American Women Book - 2017

This is a very feminist anthology of poems, art, photography, interviews and everything else by Native women, for young native women (or femmes, or boys, or however anyone identifies). It's split up into four sections: The Ties That Bind Us, It Could Have Been Me, I am Not Your Princess and Pathfinders.

liked lots of different parts from lots of different sections but I loved Chief Lady Bird’s art, right beside Gwen Benaway’s poetry. Benaway is a trans Anishnaabe poet who writes about bodies and bodies of water and her poetry is easy to read despite how heavy the content can sometimes be. Chief Lady Bird is also Anishnaabe and I just love her use of bold, vivid colours. She works so much and produces so many beautiful pieces, check her art out on Twitter if you like. c:

This just felt like a really authentic, genuine collection and I'm so glad it exists.

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