I surprisingly enjoyed this book. Becoming takes you through the life of Michelle Obama from humble beginnings, to a career in law, and eventually the First Lady of the President of the United states. There are a lot of powerful insights to be pulled following her lead, with the difficulties in both race and class as she grows and encounters many common issues. She paints a wide picture as the story grows of the size of the community and their significance and a strange comfort of small voices can be heard as well with enough work and effort.

There is something oddly comforting about her relationship with her husband that really draws how human they all are as we can often forget that people are more complicated and relatable than their positions. In masterfully doing this it sets you there with them as they go through the steps of what publicity would often take and warp the reality how we perceived them. You get to understand as it goes on just how this system works, why it doesn't work at times, and how we have made a lot of strides but were still not quite there.

Despite the issue of imagery, Michelle refuses to lower her voice and brings to the table utilizing her newly found fame to attacking issues close to the heart. Her actions are weighed heavy by expectation. She exercises creativity in her given position and its honestly admirable the lengths she goes through to get a job done. This book has its fair share of wit and humor peppered in that make the tempo of the story engaging throughout and is just an all around interesting ride.

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