I honestly was not expecting it be that heavy or so deep. Contrary to what has been reported Abrams didn’t throw Johnson’s TLJ under the bus. He took concepts that Johnson used and built on them and fleshed them out. There was fan service in the film and box checking but none of it came across as forced. It’s been a long, long, long time that I have been able to go to a film and not just keep checking my watch wondering when they will get to the point.
I was partly afraid that Disney would give into a bunch of vocal whiners who are mad that their personal fan fiction wasn’t portrayed on screen. But they stayed to the spirit of good storytelling and not only gave us a cracking good film, characters I found interesting but plenty of food for thought.

Nice to see that Abrams listened to the good criticism (ie. TFA being little more than a re-tread). And ignored some of the more ridiculous bashing of TLJ. Like one reviewer said, Abrams didn’t break the box like Johnson. But he did try something new and couched the story in reality. And didn’t make it a facile cartoon.
The film is supposed to cap of the end of the Skywalker saga. But to me it is the end of a journey for the main characters, Rey, Finn, Poe and of course Kylo. Make no mistake about it, this is Rey and Kylo’s story. Much of the narrative comes from choices and made by those two. And it is a character driven film rather than an action driven film

I loved the film overall. But I would be a lying fan girl if I can’t say that my heart did not beat with pride at watching Daisy Ridley as Rey. She’s grown so much over the past 3 films. And just cements the fact why I consider her my top 5 favourite heroines.

She’s gone from plucky girl who wanted to take down bad guys. To a mature and confident young woman who has found purpose in service to others. She’s grown into herself and become confident in her own skin. That is a true human being. The reveal about her lineage and the impact that it has on her is just heart breaking to watch. Her character growth and the tough choices she has to make. Including facing and over coming her deepest desires & fears.

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