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Through Deaf Eyes
A Photographic History of An American Community
Book - 2007
Deaf Heritage
A Narrative History of Deaf America
Book - 1981
When the Mind Hears
A History of the Deaf
Book - 1984
The History of Deaf People
A Source Book
Book - 1998
In-library use only in some locations
A Place of Their Own
Creating the Deaf Community in America
Book - 1989
The Deaf History Reader
Book - 2007
Never the Twain Shall Meet
Bell, Gallaudet, and the Communications Debate
Book - 1987
A Fair Chance in the Race of Life
The Role of Gallaudet University in Deaf History
Book - 2008
Forbidden Signs
American Culture and the Campaign Against Sign Language
Book - 1996
Deaf Heritage in Canada
A Distinctive, Diverse, and Enduring Culture
Book - 1996
In-library use only in some locations
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