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jddanti made a comment May 17 2021
"All I can say is, this is how to NOT make a movie. Director is unprepared and not helpful, to anybody. Crew is about as inept as any amateur group. One girl is Script girl, Makeup, Costum(s), the only one worthy of being paid. Don't know how t..." Permalink
jddanti made a comment May 01 2021


DVD - 2020
"Last 3 disks in the pack wouldn't play at all, Quite dissapointing considering the wait. Blue screen with tech messages, then Temp Image 1 on a grey screen no response to menu key Player runs all other DVD's, don't know what ruined these Co..." Permalink
jddanti made a comment Apr 18 2021

Monsters University

DVD - 2013
"Unfortunately my copy had problems, repeated 'doubling back' about 3/4 thru it locked up my player and didn't finish the show this copy needs to be retired..... am re-ordering the show, maybe better luck next time" Permalink
jddanti made a comment Apr 09 2021
"The film almost didn't mention Fred Rodgers military service as a Navy Corpman attached to a marine outfit. Long sleeves always due to tattoos on his forearms, as well as Capt. Kangaroo with Lee Marvin. Bit of a disservice to a veteran." Permalink
jddanti made a comment Apr 07 2021

Toy Story

DVD - 2010
"If only my copy would play it locked up and then turned off my player 3 times didn't play a frame" Permalink
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