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Jan 01 2021
"Prof. Harari is clearly the product of a feminist indoctrination centre, err I mean university. I think it's well written but I think he's out in left field on most of his points. He praises feminism though it is cancer and worries about climate ..." Permalink
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Create 16 unique and beautiful works of art using a variety of fun paint pouring techniques. Now it's easier than ever to create amazing art using acrylic paints! Paint pouring is the latest technique to take the art world by storm, and stunning...
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The participation of the Iroquois of Akwasasne, Kanesetake (Oka), Kahnawake and Oswegatchie in the Seven Years' War is a long neglected topic. The consequences of this struggle still shape Canadian history. The book looks at the social and...
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Overview Unlike any other reference, Handbook of Manufacturing Processes is an in-depth compilation of the workings of more than 1500 different manufacturing processes in metalworking, chemicals, textiles, plastics, ceramics, electronics, wood...
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