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Dare to Lead

Brave Work, Tough Conversations, Whole Hearts
Sep 29, 2019sandraperkins rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
I picked this book up as a Peak Pick at the library. I have tried to read Brene Brown’s books in the past, and I could never get into them. I am not sure why; perhaps I was not ready to hear what she had to say. I found this book fascinating. It draws on her earlier research, and pulls it all together for people in the workplace. I understand that some people who loved her earlier books find this one too pragmatic, but I found that pragmatism to be appealing. There is loads of content in this book. I could type for days if I tried to summarize this book, so I will not even try. I wrote pages about this book, and barely scratched the surface. If this sounds interesting to you, I encourage you to read the whole book for yourself. I think that every reader would find different take-aways from this book. One warning: She tells us early on that she is not going to use corporate jargon, but she does use some jargon (if I never hear the words “circle back” again, I would be delighted!). So be prepared, and rest assured that the book is well worth reading despite the jargon.