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Feb 26, 2021SAPL_Teens rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
DUNE’S a book that seems intimidating, but for a relatively new prose reader by choice, it wasn’t that difficult. It mesmerises you right away, quickly letting you become acquainted with the different organisations and slang used. The centre of the story is Paul Atreides, using him as a focal point the reader interacts with rich characters, diverse planets, and reflective societies of the DUNE universe. Themes of religion and corruption are sewn within each aspect of the story-line. For example, Paul, becoming this Messiah figure fighting for absolute control. The chemical “Spice” is a terrific mcguffin resembling oil that is the draw for many of the key players making it a great Middle Eastern allegory. The complaints stem from how there are too many characters/plot-lines to follow, but each one though is fascinating in its own ways. From the mysterious Bene-Gesserit Lady Jessica to the appalling antagonist Baron Harkonen. While the story proceeds the plots intertwine and the character’s relationships to boot. The length was just right, getting a sense of everything and have a climatic/satisfying end without having to read the many future instalments. A masterpiece of sci-fi that everyone should take the time to read. 5/5 stars - Teigan, 18, SAPL Read It & Review Contributor