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May 20, 2015KateHillier rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
This book does not mess around and comes with a massive trigger warning. Like huge. Romy is a rape survivor. A rape survivor who is not believed and is treated abominably for daring to accuse the town's favoured son of doing it. Romy is not assumed to be telling the truth because she has a crush on him, because she was wearing a short skirt, because of all those reasons that girls and women and others are not believed. That they were asking for it somehow. The blurb on this book doesn't really do the book justice. Romy's story is about a traumatized girl in a society where she is always the reason for her own issues and is seen as worthless. It is horrifically painful to read; especially since you know this is real life. I have heard stuff like this on the news all the time. It's harrowing but important. So important.