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Sep 30, 2016Love_Legolas_111 rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
Almost an "alternate universe" version of the Big Hero 6 movie. Several plot points stay the same, but others are twisted up in a different order, or rearranged completely. What I loved was the substance this gave to Tadashi and Hiro's relationship as brothers, even before the story begins. The backstory of what it was like for the two of them to grow up was beautiful and perfect. Seeing Tadashi as a child really helped me understand who he was. And even Hiro. The struggles of being a kid genius and always being ahead of the game are explored and addressed here. I am so happy I was able to read this book. Honestly, I had no idea it existed before. :3 Despite the differences between this and the original movie and the certain aspects this focuses on, I still think the author and artist did well. It's just a different perspective on Tadashi and Hiro and Baymax's story. :)